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Google Calendar

  • Adding, Editing, or Deleting an event (COMING SOON)

  • Adding or Removing an authorized event manager (COMING SOON)

  • Creating and Sharing a new calendar (COMING SOON)

  • Security: Best Practices (COMING SOON)


Meeting recordings - Members Only

  • Cadets (COMING SOON)

  • Seniors (COMING SOON)


Website tutorials

  • Adding a blog post, or event post (COMING SOON)

  • Adding a menu item: to the Nav bar, footer, or Partners menu (COMING SOON)

  • Adding a page: static page or link; parent or child (COMING SOON)

  • Adding photos: Resizing (COMING SOON)

  • Adding photos: solo, as a slideshow, or as a featured image (COMING SOON)

  • Adding videos: Uploading to YouTube (COMING SOON)

  • Adding videos: hyperlink or embedded (COMING SOON)

  • Adding a new admin to your squadron's website (COMING SOON)

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